About Our Product

Our solution to the last mile problem affecting rural areas is a novel system called Chilvaxx that is lightweight, cost effective, and consistently keeps vaccines in the appropriate temperature range for over 12 hours. The Chilvaxx system consists of an insulated bag and a cutting edge cool box.


Features in the Chilvaxx Insulative Bag

Multilayered Insulation: The bag consists of multiple insulating layers. The outer surface is especially innovative since it automatically reflects most solar radiation, preventing a significant portion of thermal absorption usually exhibited by carrying bags.  

 Transportable: The Chilvaxx bag only weighs about 2.5 pounds, making it very easy to carry for health workers. Furthermore, the bag is equipped with two side handles and one large strap to facilitate transport on bike or by foot. 
Automatic Monitoring: A temperature sensing sticker built into the bag will notify the health worker of the vaccines temperature at all times. This sticker consistently proves our reliability.


Features in the Chilvaxx Cool Box

Insulating: Made up of an insulative material as a second measure to prevent heat conduction. 

 Reliable Regulation: Specially formulated phase change material (PCM) that has a specific melting point of 2°C that keeps the temperature inside the box constant at 2°C until the PCM has completely melted. This box must be kept inside a freezer or ice maker before use carrying vaccines. 

Transportable: These boxes are very light and weigh less than a quarter pound.